Pumps, Pipes & Sewers


Pipes & Sewers

 Often a clog is a one time thing (especially for those who listen to our recomendations), but just as often they are an indication of a deeper problem, sometimes poorly routed or pitched or undersized piping or old and failing pipe outside of the building, or good old fasioned roots. Whatever your piping woes, we can handle it and we can fix it right.


Sump Pumps and Ejector Pumps

If your basement is taking on water (whether it be from excess ground water, or water from sewage) we can install a water-removal system that will rectify the issue. We would install a new pump and/or trench drain below the foundation of your property. If you have an existing pump that has failed, we can help in an emergency situation, and replace your faulty pump with a new one. A new sewage ejector system can be installed if you are looking to install a new bathroom which will be below the sewer line that connects your city sewer or septic system.

Sump Pumps, Piping, Sewer and Plumbing Services in Hartford County, Middlesex County, Tolland County