Restorations and remodels

We are able to GC (“General Contractor”, that really just means “run the job”) bathroom and kitchen remodels as well as water damage repairs and restorations.  We also take care of plumbing repairs and hookups for remodeling contractors and restoration specialists. Our experience working with insurance companies means we get complicated burst pipe/water leak repairs and restorations done to everyone’s satisfaction. We are also experienced working with lenders like Homebridge for home renovation, repair and restoration projects. Our friends and partners in all of the related trades help us get complex jobs done with care and expertise, and to our exacting standards and with minimal pain for our clients. 

In other words, we play well with others and that’s nothing but good for you.

Above you will find some 360 degree views of a disaster restoration job we did in Cromwell. This home had cast iron radiators that all blew out in a freeze up (yep, every. single. one.) leaving a huge repair job and a bigger mess. We were able to get the floors refinished, the walls painted, and all new baseboard heat done in time for our customer to make the sale of the house to the buyer that was already under contract when the freeze occured.

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